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sensations & polyrhythms
an open improvisation jam 

When: TBD
Where: Create+Destroy Studios
Price: pay what you can

Céline (dancer) and Alex (musician) invite you to join them for an open dance and music jam where anything and everything is possible. 


We will open with a Gaga-inspired movement session to connect to our senses, continue to a polyrhythmic awareness exercise, and then progress into the improvisation jam where we explore what it is to move with sensation and polyrhythmic scores in the context of live time composition.


Everyone of any movement or music background is welcome. No need to register- just show up!



Céline Barreau is a Gaga teacher, performer, and movement director based in London and around Switzerland. She works with companies, dance students, and dance lovers alike, and specialises in improvisation and improvisational tools, and her compositional interest lies in improvisational minimalist structures. She is often referred to as the "noodle queen" for her quirky noodle-like movement qualities and sense of play.


Alex De Gennaro is a multimedia artist based in London working with music, sound, and visuals. His career takes him to the V&A working with curators as an Audio Visual consultant while also composing movie scores and building Extended Reality musical instruments.From Post-Rock/Metal drummer to computer-based production, Alex always finds ways to blend physical movement into his work. 

This is the first time that Céline and Alex are sharing their collaboration with the public. They share a love for hard techno and dancing their hearts out, and often jam together in their spare time. 



Cancelled due to COVID-19:

  • Casus - choreography by Etay Axelroad for Batsheva Dancers Create (due July 2020)

  • Faceless - A collaborative project bringing improvisational performances to open air venues in Tel Aviv, Israel (due through 2020)

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